Our Domains Expertise

Our Domains Expertise in Customer Strategies:

The MetaCore team has extensive experience and intensive knowledge in providing end-to-end solutions to organisations that wish to bring about more Customer-centric best practices.  

Our highly competent consulting team are equipped with frameworks, methodologies and tools that have been sharpened and proven to produce desirable  results each time. They cover:

Brand Differentiation

Your brand epitomizes your corporate identity, unique value proposition and positioning. Letting your customers know who you are, what you stand for, why do you do what you do, and how you can add value, will distinguish you from your competitions.

Voice-of-Customer Research

Establishing what a given customer, prospect or target group desires, needs and requires of you is a rigorous process. When done correctly, the insights are capable of helping businesses win-back, retain or grow customers.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) Design

Customer experience management is a purposeful design and administration of a customer’s total interactions with your company’s products, people, processes and plans. It gives your customer a branded experience that would result in differentiation, value creation, brand loyalty and long-term profitability.

Change Management

Change management requires a paradigm shift, a change model and organizational change methodology. Preparing leaders to champion the course, incorporating new performance measurements, structure & processes, these must occur to drive successful implementations.

Customer Engagement & Relationship Management

Evolving from transactional relationships to high value engagement requires a continuum of seamless and trusted interactions with your customers. Using proven frameworks and methodologies will ensure a smoother transition from Product-focused business practices to Customer-centric best practices.

Soft Skills Training and Capabilities Building

Customer-centricity is both caught and taught. Building internal capabilities across your functional teams and customer-touching personnel is one of the most important organizational competencies for successful implementations.

Key Account Management (KAM)

KAM is a strategic business approach that organization uses to manage strategic B2B relationships for sustainable mutual benefits. A high-performance KAM program defines key accounts accurately, understands the customers’ pain points and delivers tailored solutions according to each account’s unique needs.

Loyalty Programs

From Customer Strategy to Customer Journey Mapping and Lifecycle Marketing, we have a highly-experienced team to bring you from diagnostic to onboarding.

Customer Strategies

Having been involved in the Customer-centric transformations of many Fortune 500 Companies and MNCs in the Asia Pacific Region for more than 20 years, the consulting team has established credentials and endorsements you can trust.