Our Industry Specialization

HealthCare industry

Compared to other industries, the healthcare industry is generally lagging in its customer-centricity, given its understandably conservative, complex and highly regulated parameters. For one, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly affected by the advent of digital technologies and the Internet of Things. Besides having to deal with the entry of generics after patents expiration, Pharma now has to contend with the effects of digital disruption on HCP experience, patient outcome, accessibility and pipeline among others.  Customer engagement model has also began to shift from personal interactions such as field force, detailing and congresses to non-personal interactions such as eMed, vDetailing and Apps. Leading healthcare companies must rethink and reshape their business models for better outcomes.

Our team is experienced in designing, planning and implementing Physician-empowered and Patient-centred strategies. From products to outcomes, responsive to predictive, general to personal, expert control to co-creation, KAM and KOL programs to omnichannel marketing, we have provided consultations in the development of new commercial models that pave the way for customer excellence.

Financial industry

The banking and finance industry have been totally revolutionized with the emergence of FinTech and fierce competitions from non-conventional players such as Alipay, Apple Pay and Grab. The exemplary digital experience offered by companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple further fueled the urgency to win the customer over. This makes the pursuit of customer centricity an even higher priority as consumer demands tailored experience that transcends transaction and creates relational values.

Clients have benefitted from our ability to accurately identify what a given customer or target group values to aid in their development of more innovative products and services. To drive successful implementations, we also facilitate leaders onboard the change model. Our team is seasoned with organisational change methodology, performance-driven customer relationship management and business process re-engineering.

Hospitality industry

The rise of millennials is driving change in the hospitality and services sector, blurring the lines between experience and functionality. “Our youths today crave memorable and purposeful experiences that emphasise the importance of the journey, instead of being fixated with the destination.[1]” They have the You Only Live Once (YOLO) attitude and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) on something great. With state-of-the-art hospitality technologies that enable automated services, digital concierge and mobile phone into room key, what hoteliers need is a sound strategy for continuous customer development, engagement and personalised experience.

Having a customer experience blueprint with customer journey maps may just sharpen your value proposition and differentiate your brand.

[1]Singapore youths no longer drawn to 5Cs; they have YOLO mindset: Maliki, Channel News Asia, 17 May 2018.

Retail & CPG

Technology trends, millennial effect, digital thrust, ecommerce giants, discounters and many other drivers have disrupted the traditional retail business models and the CPG industry. Rising millennials who are more open to trying new brands and products, increasingly health and environmental conscious, have reshaped buying behaviours and channels. According to eMarketer Retail (US), “nearly nine out of 10 dollars of FMCG retail growth came from online” between 2016 and 2017. With a sizeable FMCG market in Southeast Asia at 182 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 (Statista.com), companies cannot ignore the increasing preference to search, shop, buy, pay, interact online and live a digital lifestyle.

Our team of highly experienced specialists provide advisory to company’s management teams at any stage of their journey to customer centricity. From omnichannel and direct-to-consumer (DtoC) digital strategy to loyalty program design and management using data-driven insights, we help to transform business from mass marketing to mass customization and build trusted relationships with their customers.